Why Colleges Struggle to Implement Priorities & What To Do About It

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"Dr. Solano's coaching work and guide is impressive. I look forward to colleges pushing his suggestions forward. "

Dr. Michael Baston
President, Cuyahoga Community College, New York

"After reading this guide by veteran higher education coach Dr. Al Solano, you won't have any excuse to continue the same practices that have prevented colleges from implementing meaningful change. So only do so if you and your colleagues are willing to operate in new ways that will enrich the experience for all students in and outside of the classroom and lead to improved outcomes for students and the college."

Dr. Davis Jenkins
Co-Author, Redesigning America's Community Colleges; Senior Research Scholar, Community College Research Center, Columbia University, New York

"In typical fashion for Dr. Al Solano, this guide walks us through six factors that impact a collegeā€™s ability to implement priorities by providing familiar examples of campus environments and dynamics that impede forward movement. Dr. Solano clearly outlines practical strategies that can lead to institutional transformation and drives home the point that any meaningful conversation about student success must start and end with a focus on equity within a 'culture of kindness.' "

Dr. Angelica Suarez
President, Orange Coast College, California

"Dr. Solano has developed a thoughtful and practical guide for institutions to use as they navigate their institutional improvement reform efforts. He writes and provides advice and support through a practitioner's eye, knowing from personal experience how institutions are designed and operate. Institutional transformation is a marathon, not a sprint--scaled reform takes resiliency and refinement that only comes when a culture of improvement is embedded at all levels of an organization. This simple but powerful guide outlines clear steps for an institution to take that will result in that necessary culture change over time."

Dr. Gretchen Schmidt
Senior Fellow, National Center for Inquiry & Improvement (NCII); recent Executive Director, American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Pathways Project, Washington DC

"Dr. Solanoā€™s articles invite us to pause and reflect on academic and institutional practices. His frank style encourages deep reflection and examination of traditional approaches that have been slow in achieving the outcomes we urgently need for our students. Dr. Solanoā€™s guide is a compilation of specific strategies to optimize processes and support equity-focused outcomes. Many of Dr. Solanoā€™s recommendations and insights have been invaluable in helping us respond effectively during this time of transition."

Dr. Claudia Lourido-Habib
President, Porterville College, California

"Dr. Solano's guide to addressing the endemic issue of why community colleges struggle with completion by students of color is filled with structured frameworks and tools. Dr. Solano's approach is helpful in framing the issues and useful in providing methods for addressing them."

Diego Navarro
Professor Emeritus, Cabrillo College; Founder, Academy for College Excellence, California

"Dr. Al Solano offers an impactful guide for college educators and administrators to utilize in the advancement of the student success agenda and performance excellence. By embracing the strategies, resources, and information provided within this guide, student lives will be transformed and so will the lives of those empowering those students."

Dr. Mordecai Brownlee
President, Community College of Aurora, CO