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Key blog posts, tools & resources, webinars, and podcasts have been organized to create a new resource. Learn more below.

Culture Change & Continuous Improvement

This resource organizes key Continuous Learning Institute content to help you be better equipped to create a culture of continuous improvement focused on student success & equity.

Take a guided journey that includes practical strategies to improve student success & equity. Topic areas include:

- What's up with organizational culture?
- How do we begin to tackle campus-wide organizational culture?
- How do we create a culture of continuous instructional improvement?
- What are examples of effective programs & services and how do we implement them?



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Why Colleges Struggle to Implement Priorities and What To Do About It

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Enjoy Complimentary Resources to Get Results at Your Campus!

"Dr. Solano is a consummate professional with amazing insight and knowledge which he openly shares with higher education leaders and practitioners. The Continuous Learning Institute website resources are comprehensive and his recently established Student Success Podcast piques dialogue, thought, and action. His authentic, courageous, and forward-thinking approach is refreshing and is exactly what is needed to meet the moment. "

Dr. Julianna Barnes
President, Cuyamaca College

"Dr. Solano is extraordinarily skilled in helping colleges implement complex, whole-college student success reforms."

Dr. Davis Jenkins
Co-Author, Redesigning America’s Community Colleges; Senior Research Scholar Community College Research Center, Columbia University

"Dr. Solano's coaching work and resources are impressive. I look forward to colleges pushing his suggestions forward. "

Dr. Michael Baston
President, Rockland Community College

"Dr. Solano clearly outlines practical strategies that can lead to institutional transformation and drives home the point that any meaningful conversation about student success must start and end with a focus on equity within a 'culture of kindness.' "

Dr. Angelica Suarez
President, Orange Coast College

"Dr. Solano's approach is helpful in framing the issues and useful in providing methods for addressing them."

Diego Navarro
Professor Emeritus, Cabrillo College; Founder, Academy for College Excellence

"I'm thankful for Dr. Solano's dedication in spreading kindness and his expertise across our educational field. It is always a pleasure to receive his emails as they are resourceful, relevant, and always invoke a positive tone while calling for us to engage in transformational work."

Dr. Monica Green
President, Norco College

"Dr. Solano writes and provides advice and support through a practitioner's eye, knowing from personal experience how institutions are designed and operate. Institutional transformation is a marathon, not a sprint--scaled reform takes resiliency and refinement that only comes when a culture of improvement is embedded at all levels of an organization. "

Dr. Gretchen Schmidt
Senior Fellow, National Center for Inquiry & Improvement (NCII); recent Executive Director, American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Pathways Project

"Dr. Solano's honest candor is refreshing and so needed during this time. He knows how to balance truth with kindness in the only way an amazing coach can. He blesses the field with free, accessible, practitioner-focused resources that are easily digestible and ready for application."

Libby Curiel
Speech Professor, Rio Hondo College

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