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Initiative Readiness Assessment Tool & Work Gap Analysis/Action Plan Tool

Use this readiness tool before your college, division, or department commits to an initiative. Identify gaps and potential pitfalls before implementing. Start on the right foot. Once you're implementing, take stock of any gaps in the work and use the action plan template to keep track of the work.


Initiative Readiness Assessment Tool Work Gap Analysis & Action Plan Tool

Guided Pathways Resources Page

Learn practical and actionable strategies to implement the framework with equity intentionality.



Implement Practical Approaches to Improve Student Success & Equity

Free Guide:
Why Colleges Struggle to Implement Priorities & What To Do About It



The 5E Learning Cycle: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate

Each of the 5E's describes a phase of learning. The 5E's allows students and instructors to experience common activities, to use and build on prior knowledge and experience, to construct meaning, and to continually assess their understanding of a concept. Instructors can apply their 5E lessons with an equity lens. Download a 5E instructional plan template and access the article. 

Access 5E Instructional Plan Template Access 5E Article

Culture Change & Continuous Improvement

Key content has been organized to provide step-by-step guidance on how to implement culture change & continuous improvement to address student success & equity.



Where does your campus reside in the guided pathways and equity work?

Make sure to access the article & video to better understand the Structural & Cultural Change Typology resource. 

Access the article + video Access Graphic jpg

Integrated Planning

Integrated planning is needed more than ever to create campus-wide clarity, coherence, and consensus.

Download tools & resources.


Tools: Implementing a Student-Centered Funding Request Process

Download the student journey tools to create a student-centered funding request process

Access Corresponding Article Connection Tool Entry Tool Progress Tool Completion Tool Transition Tool Request Form Template

Teaching Online/Remote

Inclusive approaches, college-generated resources, science simulations, and more.


Free Downloadable Canvas Shell with Weekly Structure

Weekly Class Overview, Content, Assignments, Discussion Post, Summary 


Guide: Five Process Elements

Launching a new grant, initiative, project, etc.? Learn how to avoid false starts, lack of buy-in/ownership, and wasted time.

Also available as a mini-course (scroll down).



Learn about networking and how to brand yourself as an educator.


Higher Ed Quotes

Quotes to ponder as you work to improve student success & equity. 


Resources Infographic

Links to the Continuous Learning Institute website have been posted on a variety of college website pages, including:
- professional development
- institutional research, planning & effectiveness
- distance ed & instructional design
- guided pathways
- equity
- Google Drive or MS Teams projects

Post this useful infographic as well. It includes links to CLI articles, webinars, resources & tools!


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