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Implement Practical Approaches to Improve Student Success & Equity

Free Guide:
Why Colleges Struggle to Implement Priorities & What To Do About It



Integrated Planning

Integrated planning is needed more than ever to create campus-wide clarity, coherence, and consensus.

Download tools & resources.


Tools: Implementing a Student-Centered Funding Request Process

Download the student journey tools to create a student-centered funding request process

Access Corresponding Article Connection Tool Entry Tool Progress Tool Completion Tool Transition Tool Request Form Template

Teaching Online/Remote

Inclusive approaches, college-generated resources, science simulations, and more.


Free Downloadable Canvas Shell with Weekly Structure

Weekly Class Overview, Content, Assignments, Discussion Post, Summary 


Articles By Category

Check out brief practitioner-focused articles.

Student Success Strategies Educational Leadership Institutional Planning & Implementation

Resources Infographic

Links to the Continuous Learning Institute website have been posted on a variety of college website pages, including:
- professional development
- institutional research, planning & effectiveness
- distance ed & instructional design
- guided pathways
- equity
- Google Drive or MS Teams projects

Post this useful infographic as well. It includes links to CLI articles, webinars, resources & tools!


Guide: Five Process Elements

Launching a new grant, initiative, project, etc.? Learn how to avoid false starts, lack of buy-in/ownership, and wasted time.

Also available as a mini-course (scroll down).



Learn about networking and how to brand yourself as an educator.


Higher Ed Quotes

Quotes to ponder as you work to improve student success & equity. 


Free Mini-Courses

Step-by-step and easy-to-navigate

5 Questions to Answer Before Launching Initiatives

Learn to avoid false starts, lack of buy-in/ownership, and wasted time.


Construct a Title V HSI Grant

Includes downloadable examples in Word files!


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