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Created during the height of the pandemic to assist educators with the great shift to online/remote, this page continues to help those remaining online and/or adapting to a hybrid model.

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According to Inside Higher Ed's Joshua Kim and Edward Maloney:

"In a HyFlex course, courses are delivered both in person and online at the same time by the same faculty member. Students can then choose for each and every class meeting whether to show up for class in person or to join it online. The underlying design ethos behind the HyFlex Model is flexibility and student choice."

Hybrid-Flexible Course Design
Implementing student-directed hybrid classes
Brian J. Beatty

Pros and Cons:

A Closer Look at Hybrid-Flexible Course Design

What are Hybrid-Flexible or HyFlex Courses and Their Impact on Student Learning

Costs and Benefits for Hybrid-Flexible Courses and Programs

Other Resource:

HyFlex Resources compiled by Pikes Peak Community College
Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning


Free Downloadable Canvas Shell with Weekly Structure

Receive free access to a downloadable Canvas shell that contains a basic course structure based on a weekly module approach to deliver an online class.

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