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Smoother Transition to Online

Many institutions of higher education are struggling to transition and remain online. The most basic need is a challenge at many campuses--how to onboard faculty into an online learning environment.


Receive free access to a downloadable Canvas shell that contains a basic course structure based on a weekly module approach to deliver an online class.

Each module has the same content structure:

- Weekly Class Overview (what we are doing this week)
- Content (reading assignments; films links, etc.)
- Assignments (assigned readings; homework; discussion post)
- Discussion Post (student posts moderated by professor)
- Summary (overview of what was covered in the module and transition into the next module)

Although this will not solve all the issues and concerns of moving faculty from face-to-face to an online environment, it does provide a basic Canvas shell that can be used to deliver the essential components of an online course. Institutions of higher education would need to provide the internal support for faculty to modify their course content and importing the information into the Canvas shell.

This resource is made possible by CSULA's Charter College of Education. They brought me onboard to lead this project, along with my colleagues, Dr. Mark Akiyama of Diablo Valley College, and Instructional Designer, Rene Rodriguez. We're the team that will launch a course on higher education pedagogy in Fall 2020, available via the University’s Extension.

Good luck!

Coach Al

Step 1: Download the Free File

Note: Distance education personnel and/or faculty experts in Canvas may need to help faculty download, import/export the file.

Step 2: Import the File

Step-by-step directions to import the file.

Step 3: Customize/Create Content

The shell gives you a starting point. It's up to you to modify to meet your needs!

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