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Change: Guided Pathways & Equity

These webinars address the challenges with implementing Guided Pathways with more equity intentionality. The first webinar unpacks the Structural & Cultural Change Typology resource and how to relates to Guided Pathways and equity work. The second webinar focuses on the "in between" that's needed to improve student outcomes.

Ensure Learning | Student Success Teams

These webinars were a response to the demand for more resources to address the Guided Pathways 4th Pillar, Ensure Learning, and how to plan and implement Student Success Teams.

Operating a College Virtually

When COVID-19 hit in March 2020, the American Association of Community Colleges and Myers-Brigg reached out to me to provide webinars to help campuses make the transition to online/remote. These webinars are still relevant as institutions continue with partial virtual operations, and the content will continue to be helpful post-COVID. 

Suggested External Webinars

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